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Musicians & artists have always rallied to serve and uplift the spirit of mankind in times of need and emergency, such as natural disasters like Katrina, 9-11, or for charitable causes.  In return,  benefactors of all kinds have sponsored them, from the days of composers, like Bach and Mozart, to the present day.

In today’s world, through the miracle of the internet, sponsors can connect with artists directly, helping them bring the benefits they offer to  humanity through their music.  Please read this page to learn more.

Imagine life with no music.  No favorite songs. No old classics. No new songs.  Even famous artists were once "unknown."

Just like days of old, you have the opportunity to support up and coming independent artists

Because artists love what they do they are often willing to sacrifice economic "security" for the joy of creating, sharing, and serving others with their music.

Why Artists Need Our Support

To be an artist, you basically have to give up what most people think of as "normal"

For a touring artist, the "daily commute" can be hundreds of miles

Add to that, the necessity for rehearsal time, scheduling and booking, administration, managing recording time with an already heavy touring schedule, being away  from friends and family, along with all the tasks of daily living.

The hours of time needed to hone and perfect their craft and manage their career is not commensurate to the pay artists receive, with the exception of a very few who break through.

Your tax deductible contribution can help  the artist to build a sustainable career that serves the greater good through the benefits of music.

Research verifies  the benefits of music to everyone:


Promotes well-being, feelings of happiness


Helps in physical healing


Opens the brain's creative channels for  new ideas and problem solving


Soothes emotions of sadness


Reduces anxiety and stress


Motivates and bolsters confidence


Sets, enhances the mood for life-events


Promotes reverence, awe and wonder for the "sacred"


Promotes good feelings for play and learning among children and adults


Connects a broad spectrum of people socially, nationally and worldwide


Sooths the "savage beast" -- animals and plants respond to music


Any emotion can be expressed, enhanced and released through listening to music




True Stories
These true stories are unfortunately typical of literally thousands of musical workers. It's a fact that every year some of the most amazingly talented musicians  die due to untreated health problems.
Many more just quit music, and their creative voice is silent forever.


Mike, Matt, and Jay are recent Berkley College of Music graduates who share a studio apartment in Boston. They write and perform music and teach at a local music store while working on their band's first full production CD.  Despite being at the top of their class, they can't afford heat in their apartment in the freezing winter, or good quality food; and healthcare is out of the question with rent, touring expenses, college loans, and funding their recording project.  When they tour, their van just gets them from gig to gig and costs so much in gas that it is unlikely that they will break even while working on the road.


An independent artist recently had a medical emergency  that in just 17 hours racked up a hospital bill of $60,000.  Forget follow-up care or meds.


A 30 year music veteran was hired to play with a 10-piece "big band" in a major city. He walked away with $35 dollars which covered parking.  The venue didn't even provide a meal. For the three hour job plus  rehearsals and travel, he netted  $10.00, while the venue made thousands.


A respected and accomplished vocalist, who once toured with an internationally known superstar,  sang at a popular "salon". The venue did not pay her, even though it charged admission and made more than $5,000. Her "pay" was the "exposure & prestige" She paid her bass and keyboard player to accompany her only affording $50 for each of them out of pocket.

Your support makes a difference that makes it possible for an artist to create music that benefits all who hear
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