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Music for Music's Sake

Our programs foster Creativity through Music for both children and adults.  Our children's programs educate and empower young children from pre-school through teen years.  Programs include scholarships for  weekly classes, and a one hour program that can be presented in schools.  Areas of study include but are not limited to: Visualization, vocalization, composition of original works using  traditional methods and improvisation.  Students are always encouraged to create their own music.  Instrumentation includes but is not limited to: piano, guitar, cello, violin,  flute, trumpet, drums and percussion.  Genres include classical, jazz, traditional folk, and all popular music styles.  Internships for high school and college age students offer practical music career training. Adult music educational programs benefit professional musicians, music students of all ages, and the public at large.

RAINBOW PROJECT Interactive Music Education Program  Preschool – 5th Grade
An interactive and fun 1-hour program presented in schools and day camps, where students participate by singing and playing rhythm instruments, that fosters creativity, respect for nature and animals, and living harmoniously with other people. Exercises include writing a song as a group and rhythmical movement-dance.  Students learn, create, and sing songs that teach musical concepts including notes, rests, rhythmic values, chords, and harmony.   The program is performed and facilitated by professional teachers-musicians and has been presented successfully  in both suburban and inner-city settings.

This program offers funding for children demonstrating musical ability, creativity, and motivation, for private study of a musical instrument, whose families may lack the financial means to purchase an instrument and/or pay for weekly lessons.  GRPF collaborates with schools, music teachers, educators, and community members, to find the students who qualify.  GRPF also works with retailers and individuals in the community who can provide after-market instruments for student’s use in this program.

Experienced teachers possess exceptional skill, have degrees in music pedagogy,  music education, music performance, certifications in vocal coaching or have a masters degree in the instrument being taught.

Students gain performance skills through recital concerts,  music venues for teen performances through SongwritersOriginalShowcase, and through performance opportunities in nursing homes and assisted living communities, and older teens in hospitals and prisons,  always with staff and parent volunteers.

Sample Student Recordings:
Die Manner sind Mechant
La pastorella Delle Alpi
Music When Soft Voices Die
Sample Teacher Recordings:
Fiddle Medley
Ordinary Girl

Internship & Career Training Program
We offer education and career  training in the following fields:


Recording Engineering


Music Video Production


Business Communications


Business Management related to the music recording, performing, and multi-media arts professions.

GRPF collaborates with educational institutions to create these programs and employment opportunities.  Schools that have benefited to date include:


Temple University


Wissahickon High School


Bucks County Technical Institute


Upper Dublin High School

Musical Workshops & Performance To date we have held over 120 workshops on the songwriting craft, which includes all genre of music and spoken word.  Many award winning songs have come out of these workshops and have lifted the esteem of all the participants.   Approximately once a month we sponsor a live performance opportunity and encourage workshop participants to perform works created live in front of a welcoming audience.   The venues include several regional entertainment establishments, House Concerts and our own  We also have students perform in nursing homes, shelters, juvenal centers and older teens in hospitals and prisons.  Children are always with staff and parent volunteers.

Funding for our projects is essential for promoting the well being of the community and those we serve. Without funding, it students will suffer and ultimately the community and world will loose a great asset in the form of our student's creativity for problem solving.
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